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America’s Teddy Bear at Der Mixer Galerie

America’s Teddy Bear spent another summer in Frankfurt, this time at Der Mixer Galerie in 2019. For this third installation the total number of bullets had increased to 438. 

America's Teddy Bear, 438 foam bullets on window. 1,60 m x 1,40 m

One minute video clip of the Opening Performance at Der Mixer Galerie

Photo Gallery

Starting the performance– shooting bullets with a nerf gun to the silhouette of the Teddy. The door remained open throughout the evening so that spectators could view it from both sides.
First segment of Performance of America's Teddy Bear at Der Mixer Galerie
Second part of Performance – placement of individual bullets bearing the names of the victims
Michael Sterna playing the clarinet while I place the bullets bearing the names of the victims. Der Mixer Galerie, Frankfurt, 2019


“Bunte Projektile Gegen Gewalt”, Jens Preto, Journal Frankfurt, August 2019