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Over the last couple of years, my work has been triggered by social, cultural and political events. I aim to open a dialogue with relevant topics – most recently related to gun violence, war and violence against women – by questioning and challenging societies’ perception of what is considered the normal or expected reaction from these events and situations. I make subtle transformations of familiar images and everyday objects, redefining their contexts in order to shift preconceived associations and conventions. Determined organically during the creative process, the final artworks range from installation, sculpture, conceptual drawing to video.

PATRICIA ESPINOSA is a Mexican-born artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

After a successful career in the Design & New Media Industries producing and directing award-winning projects for the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the United Nations, Patricia joined the Art Students League of New York in 2000 and started her Fine Art training in drawing, painting and assemblage. She has exhibited in New York since 2010, and had her first solo show at Soho20 – Chelsea in the spring of 2013. She has had group and solo shows in Mexico, Canada and most recently in Germany.

Patricia is the creator of Loteria: Luck talks (La Suerte Que Habla) a game and exhibition inspired by the traditional Mexican game of La Lotería Mexicana. In 2015 the University of Toronto purchased a full set of prints of  La Lotería cards for its library Print Collection and the game set is now part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.

Patricia has also worked with non-profit organizations like the L&L Fund and its program Choose Creativity, as well as with Sing For Hope; both organizations strive to uplift people in need through the power of art and creativity.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Patricia was nourished by the vibrancy, passion and joie de vivre of Mexican culture. She spent her early years in Germany and later attended a German school in Mexico City with a rather rigid and disciplined work ethic. It was that day-to-day contrast that shaped her personality and to this day influences her development as an artist.

In 2016 Patricia returned to Germany after 40 years and founded ALAS – Atelier and Art Space, an independent space in Frankfurt am Main that served as her working space and curatorial practice. ALAS (Spanish for wings) showcased and promoted rising international artists, providing residencies and exhibition opportunities.