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My work responds to significant contemporary issues and events – most recently related to gun violence, racial and social justice. My approach and creative process relies on simplicity and the use of clean, straightforward yet bold vocabulary. I explore the physical qualities of materials and objects that surround my day-to-day life— recycled packaging, toys, and conventional household items — removing them from their original or assigned purpose. I simplify, make subtle transformations, often limiting color to black and white, and create new meanings in order to shift preconceived associations.

Determined organically during the creative process, the final works can incorporate multiple formats, including installation, performance, sculpture, conceptual drawings, and video.

I aim to contribute and engage in important conversations that shape our society through innovative and provocative works of art that inspiring positive action and reflection.

Photo by Patrick Lofredi

A thoughtful and thorough interview by Rachel Lai at Jejune Magazine about my background, process and inspiration.