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Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box. Painted bubble wrap on wood structure 2,10m x 2,20m x 2,10m. 2018

Our world is full of noise, constant noise generated by all sorts of events. A period of disturbing events such as mass killings and gun violence happening not only in war zones but in our own neighborhoods and schools intensified the roar. I then realized we also live among other, unconsciously muted sounds that dwell within ourselves: weeps, laughs, sobs, screams, whispers; our accumulated emotions that result from past experiences, good and bad.

It was the combination of our world’s roar and my own deep-neglected sounds that led me to open my own Pandora’s Box. And just like in Greek’s mythology, once open, out came ills, wounds, guilt, fears and constrained emotions.

The Pandora´s Box displayed at ALAS – Atelier & Art Space – an installation consisting of a 2m cube-like wood frame with all sides wrapped entirely with painted bubble wrap sheets – was the result of that personal experience that begged for peace and quietness.

Entering and “opening” Pandora’s Box uncovers and arouses its noises: bubbles are appeased, broken, touched and destroyed. And on the other hand, when taking a moment to be still and quiet, the sound of silence is heard. It becomes a space to reflect, to contemplate and carefully observe within, the one thing that – according to the legend – was left behind and that can possibly return the harmony and much needed silence back to our lives…hope.