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America’s Teddy Bear at Isola Galerie

The second home for  America’s Teddy Bear was at Isola Galerie in Frankfurt, Germany in 2018. He spent all summer in a sunny, well-lit window at the heart of the lively neighborhood of Bockenheim. The total count of bullets for this installation was 470

America's Teddy Bear, 470 foam bullets on window. 1,60m x 1,40m, 2018

This was my first live performance for the installation. During the first part of the performance, while shooting the nerf bullets onto the teddy, we showed a video clip of Emma Gonzalez –a Parkland High School student and survivor– of the powerful and emotional speech she gave days after the shooting. 

Isola Galerie also hosted a finissage in which we invited visitors to help un-install the Teddy.


Isola Galerie’s Opening and Closing Performances slideshow