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The Emancipated Path

The Emancipated Path
Installation, nails, wire, gravel stones, 3 x 16 feet 
The Clemente Center, New York NY, 2022 

For years Dandelions have been viewed as a universal symbol of hope. Who hasn’t made a wish while blowing its puffy ball full of seeds?  Whilst dandelions announce the return of life, the reborn and growth that come with Springtime, they are also regarded as rebellious and untamed flowers due to their natural way of wildly dispersing seeds. Fragile and beautiful, yet resilient and often called “mala hierba” (Spanish for bad weed).

The dandelions on The Emancipated Path are made of hundreds of sewing pins attached to black Styrofoam balls. The use of sewing pins incorporates the concept of a domestic culture associated with an ultra-feminine, suppressed vision of womanhood; a life bound to a confined place and limited to an activity mostly in service for others. The dozens of dandelions convey a long-walked trail of dreams and aspirations cut short and deprived of growth and the right to germinate and flourish in new horizons.

The Emancipated Path was exhibited at  El Camino de las Trenzas (Road of Braids) at The Clemente Center (external link to The Clemente’s website) in New York, from April 8 – May 14 2022.