Popping into Abstraction

“SOHO20 presents Popping Into Abstraction, new work by Patricia Espinosa, on view March 26 through April 19. The exhibition will feature large paintings and mixed media installations and works by the artist.

“… Espinosa combines mono print and painting, mapping out layers of black, white and gray in rhythmic but chaotic pattern. References to grid-like order and organization are offset by a sporadic bulge or dissipation of pattern. Even the tightly stretched piece “El Atrapa Sueños” (Dream Catcher) juxtaposed with the hanging bubble wrap works in the show are orchestrated to bring a sense of equilibrium. Espinosa’s work acknowledges the harmony in destruction, the loss found in growth and the light found in darkness. One gives rise to the other.” Read Full Press Release (PDF) English | Español

More photo galleries:
Bubble Wrap Works & Series
Opening Reception, March 28, 2013
Private Reception, April 6,  2013