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Relational Ground: Defying the Status Quo


SOHO20’s artist members annual group exhibition is a celebration of varying creative practices, and an exploration into the conversations that develop when the resulting works inhabit a common space. Relational Ground: Defying the Status Quo deconstructs the latent value of a show title while highlighting its potential nonrestrictive nature.  The title, ironically and spontaneously selected through an online “random exhibition title generator,” was embraced as a means to avoid suppressing content into thematic structure. Pushing the boundaries of language systems and perceptual experience, the exhibition denies spectators the ability to draw any steadfast conclusions, instead giving weight to their agency in interpreting the works on view.


SOHO20 Artist Members Annual Group Exhibition

Monica Bock / Susan Brownell / Diane Churchill / Jenn Dierdorf / Martha Nilsson Edelheit / Patricia Espinosa / Ginny Fox / Carla Hernandez / Naoko Ito / Francine LeClercq / Alyssa Matthews / Gongsan Kim / Nana Olivas / Joan Ryan / Kelly Savage / Negin Sharifzadeh / Sylvia Sherr / Kathy Stark / Eleonora Tammes