Loteria: La Suerte Que Habla (Luck Talks)

Loteria: La Suerte Que Habla (Luck Talks) is a game and exhibition inspired by the traditional Mexican game of La Loteria Mexicana. A game similar to bingo, but played with a deck of cards instead of numbers. Each card bears an image that evokes a popular Mexican event, artifact, individual, or other cultural symbol. Loteria: La Suerte Que Habla (Luck Talks) features entirely new images that represents my views of my native land; they celebrate and denounce the current social, political and cultural state of Mexico.

The cards are accompanied by coplas (riddles) written by Toronto-based Mexican-Canadian writer Martha Bátiz.

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Los Desaparecidos (The Disappeared)



El Cura (The Priest)

El Narco (The Drug Lord)
El Chavo
La Catrina


Los Estudiantes (The Students)

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El Periodista (The Journalist)


El Narco (The Drug Lord)


El Cerdo (The Pig)


El Muro (The Wall)

Las Olvidadas (The Forgotten)


El Perro (The Dog)

El Secuestrado (The Kidnapped)

La Virgen (The Virgin)

El Corazón (The Heart)

La Muñeca (The Doll)

Los Frijoles (The Beans)

El Chicharito (The Little Pea)

El Santo (The Saint)

Deck of cards: 2×3.5 inches (color prints). Original acrylic & ink on paper 18×24 inches.

© La Loteria Opina. Patricia Espinosa, Martha Bátiz 2016