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El Tzompantli

¡Feliz día de los muertos!



El Tzompantli
Antes, trofeo y advertencia.
Hoy de azúcar, nuestra querencia.

A former trophy and warning,
Now made of sugar,
A treat most heart-warming

Ink and watercolor pencils on paper, 18×24 inches.
#PatriciaEspinosa @espiarte
Coplas / Riddle #MarthaBatiz @mbatiz .

Los Topos

Los ToposWith Gratitude…

Los Topos

Todo México agradece
su generosidad y valentía.
Cuando la tierra se estremece
por nosotros arriesgan la vida.

The “Moles”
Rescue Team
When the earth has trembled
and everything’s destroyed and dark,
they risk their lives to rescue us,
heroic people with a big, brave heart.

Gouache and ink on paper, 18×24 inches.
#PatriciaEspinosa  Coplas / Riddle #MarthaBatiz .

El Cerdo

Here is a digital alteration to the original card of El Cerdo. We thought this needed an update in light of recent events…


The enemy of half the population
is now the leader of the entire nation.
Rest in peace, American dream.
See you again at the end of this regime.

Llegó al poder el mentiroso racista y opresor,
con ayuda de un rusito de lo peor.
Ahora nos toca resistir y dar la lucha,
porque la cuesta es empinada y la urgencia, mucha.

La Loteria on display for the first time in the US!

Come to Easton Pennsylvania to see La Loteria: Luck Talks exhibit at Lafayette College, our first venue in the US.

On view until April 15, 2016

To see photos of the opening and  play time session that took place  March 15, visit our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/laLoteriaOpina


El CERDO (The Pig)

Puro pelo y poco seso ostenta el gringo portentado.
A este chancho racista lo hará chicharrón el voto hispano.

Lots of hair and little brain does one gringo millionaire flaunt.
This racist hog will be crushed by the weight of the Latino vote!

#Trumpig #Cerditrump #ElCerdo #LaLoteria

Translation and the Arts

Translation and the Arts is the the Seventh Annual Graduate Student Conference in Translation Studies. This one-day multilingual event invites students, scholars, artists and professionals to come together to question the interplay between the human imagination and our diverse forms of cultural expression.

Our program is up and ready to be viewed! Click through to find out what’s happening at this year’s conference.


Posted by Glendon Graduate Student Conference in Translation Studies on Friday, February 12, 2016