I work with mixed media and currently use bubble wrap as primary tool and material. Bubble wrap is applied directly onto canvas or used as a base component. The physical qualities of this neglected and disposable material, its perfect symmetry  and uniformity are juxtaposed with the chaos dissipating after its inevitable wearing out. I explore the repetitive, infinite and minimalistic representation of its basic circular structure.

Born and raised in Mexico City and fed by the vibrancy, passion and joie de vivre of Mexican culture, I spent my childhood years at a German school, with a more rigid and disciplined work ethic.  It was that day-to-day contrast that shaped my personality and my development as an artist. There is order and logic to my work and my process, but there is also a natural desire to innovate and break the rules. It is that inherent nature that allows my work to evolve, transform and remain playful.


Patricia Espinosa is a Mexican-born artist living in New York City. After completing her BFA at Universidad de las Américas-Puebla in Mexico in 1996, she moved to New York City to earn her MFA from Parsons School of Design.
Patricia’s work conveys an emotional feeling born and inspired by her native country as a land of contrasts. Social and educational disparity has not only triggered her art but also her active role in the workforce. Patricia has carried a successful career in the Design & New Media Industries for over 15 years, serving the community by disseminating information, educating and reaching out through her work to young people. Patricia has designed and led award-winning projects for the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the United Nations, among others. In 2005, Espinosa joined the Art Students League of New York and is currently part of Chashama’s Artist Studio Residency program in Harlem.